People with Diabetes

Patient Advisory Committee

During the MELISSA research, patients become active research partners to actively shape the developments of the MELISSA platform. For this purpose a Patient Advisory Committee (PAC) will be established consisting of an engaged and diverse group of patients. Regular meetings will be held led by the PAC. During the course of the project further information on the PAC will be published here.

Patient-reported outcomes

Patient-reported outcomes, such as pain and other symptoms, are commonly recorded in research but also in routine clinical care for symptom screening and to enhance communication. This is particularly relevant for chronic illnesses, such as diabetes, that impact patients’ quality of life and their activities of daily living. They are also used in clinical trials evaluating new medications and treatments. In diabetes research the patient-reported outcomes may identify and address existing unmet needs. It may also identify challenges and priorities in diabetes care that can enhance communication and improve outcomes. MELISSA will record and evaluate the patient’s perspective in the development of the platform. As soon as any patient-reported outcomes become available you can find them here.