Impact & Innovation

With the user-friendly and intelligent self-learning application introduced by the MELISSA project, people with diabetes who rely on the use of insulin will benefit from a personalised management system and can therefore enjoy a more carefree daily routine in living with diabetes.

MELISSA will ensure that:

  1. Health Care Providers employ safer and evidence-based clinical decision support systems for affordable treatment, including home-based care.
  2. Health Care Providers better predict patients’ (long-term) response, including adverse side effects, of a specific personalised treatment.
  3. Patients and carers have access to disease-specific communication packages informing about the disease and the proposed treatment
  4. Clinical guidelines are enhanced thanks to novel, clinically validated and (cost-) effective AI-powered solutions

MELISSA’s wider impact will contribute to

  • Reducing the Health burden of diseases in the EU and worldwide.
  • Reducing premature mortality from non-communicable diseases by one third and promoting mental health and wellbeing.
  • Health care systems benefitting from strengthened research and innovation expertise, human capacities and knowhow for combating NCD. This requires international cooperation.
  • Patients and citizens being knowledgeable of disease threats, involved and empowered to make and
  • Shaping decisions for their health, and better adhere to knowledge-based disease management strategies and policies.